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Simplicity 2226!

I managed to find some time to whip this one up using some wax print fabric I recently got. Mmm, I don’t like the way it hangs on me. It looks ok on the mannequin but not so good on me. It has that “homesewn ” look. I’ll try it again though with a different fabric. It may also just be because I’m not much of a skirt wearer so maybe its all in my head.


Quick Review

Fabric : Wax Print

Notions: Zipper

Instructions: From the Simplicity learn to sew series, so it was pretty easy

Level: Beginner

Time to complete: 3 hours

Wear it? : Mmmm, don’t think so. I just don’t like the way it hangs on me 😦

Sew again: I’ll try it one more time maybe with a more drapey fabric and hopefully it hangs better.