Simplicity 2444 UFO?

We got our first UFO folks! I finally finished  my Simplicity 2444 and when i excitedly went on to try it ….it was too small. I could only pull the zip up halfway! Whaaa! I’m sure I measured myself right (one too many cookies?).


Besides , it being a little too small the dress is fine. Nearly perfect zip too. It wasn’t too hard to sew and there is also a good YouTube video by Professor Pincushion that helps a lot.

Quick Review

Fabric :Ikea’s Malin Cirkel. I think it is a cotton.

Notions: 22inch zip

Instructions: Pretty easy except on how to install a zip.

Level: Adventurous beginner

Time to complete: took maybe 5 hours in total

Wear it? : No, made it too small but hopefully!

Sew again: YES!(I sort of have to haha!)

Ah well, I did say it is a beginners sewing blog…on to the next!

June Sew Along – Indie Pattern Month

June is Indie Pattern Month. This is a great sew-along supporting the independent  patterns out there. Drop over to the Curious Kiwi’s  or Modern Vintage Cupcakes blog for more information.

I’ve decided to tackle the Mathilde Blouse by one of my favourite sewing bloggers (and one of my inspirations) Tilly and the Buttons.

It’s a bit of a scary one, with tucks and darts (my arch nemesis) but I’m going to take it slow. That’s going to be hard for me. I get so excited when I’m sewing and all I want to do is see the finished product, so I tend to rush things a bit and make silly mistakes. Patience is a virtue.

Introducing My Sewing Partner….

Let me introduce my sewing partner (of sorts!) without whom none of this would be possible. Yep, I’m talking about my sewing machine – an Elna 5100. I love this machine! I started off with a Singer Inspiration which only lasted  few months (boo hoo). When I took it to get repaired, I was told it wasn’t even worth repairing and that I was better off to get a new machine otherwise I’d just find myself in the same place. You get what you pay for, I guess. I was also told I’d have to spend at least $500 (silent scream) to get a decent machine that would last  and to go either Janome/Elna (same company) or Brother. I left the shop feeling very sad :(.

Lucky for me DH was on the case and he managed to find a second-hand (hardly used) Elna off Gumtree which he got for me just in time for Mother’s Day! ❤

It’s an absolute dream to sew with. I love love love it!