Simplicity 2444 UFO?

We got our first UFO folks! I finally finished  my Simplicity 2444 and when i excitedly went on to try it ….it was too small. I could only pull the zip up halfway! Whaaa! I’m sure I measured myself right (one too many cookies?).


Besides , it being a little too small the dress is fine. Nearly perfect zip too. It wasn’t too hard to sew and there is also a good YouTube video by Professor Pincushion that helps a lot.

Quick Review

Fabric :Ikea’s Malin Cirkel. I think it is a cotton.

Notions: 22inch zip

Instructions: Pretty easy except on how to install a zip.

Level: Adventurous beginner

Time to complete: took maybe 5 hours in total

Wear it? : No, made it too small but hopefully!

Sew again: YES!(I sort of have to haha!)

Ah well, I did say it is a beginners sewing blog…on to the next!

What’s on my sewing table?

Been pretty busy lately doing a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing! I managed to get over to the Lincraft stocktake sale which was a really huge disappointment. They  didn’t really have much good stuff there but I got myself  the Simplicity 2444 which I’ve wanted for a long time (50% off-nice). I’ve seen it all over blogland and I’m pretty excited to get started on this one this week.


Also my “Girls style Book” by Yoshiko Tsukiori  arrived in the mail so finally I can get started on some funky threads for my munchkin.


Hopefully I will have some finished projects to show this week. Better get cracking, Have a great week!