Simplicity 2444 UFO?

We got our first UFO folks! I finally finished ¬†my Simplicity 2444 and when i excitedly went on to try it ….it was too small. I could only pull the zip up halfway! Whaaa! I’m sure I measured myself right (one too many cookies?).


Besides , it being a little too small the dress is fine. Nearly perfect zip too. It wasn’t too hard to sew and there is also a good YouTube video by Professor Pincushion¬†that helps a lot.

Quick Review

Fabric :Ikea’s Malin Cirkel. I think it is a cotton.

Notions: 22inch zip

Instructions: Pretty easy except on how to install a zip.

Level: Adventurous beginner

Time to complete: took maybe 5 hours in total

Wear it? : No, made it too small but hopefully!

Sew again: YES!(I sort of have to haha!)

Ah well, I did say it is a beginners sewing blog…on to the next!